Our Natural Cosmetics Business

Our key mission is to penetrate organic/natural cosmetics for making "safe & natural lifestyle" realized in Asian market. We are authorized distributor of top ranked natural cosmetic brands, which is very popular in Japanese market. And, we also represent natural cosmetics brands which is widely used in Europe or in North American markets.

Our Stores

We have own stores in major department stores and our dedicated sales corner in high-class drug chain stores and luxurious organic supermarkets.

Marketing Activity in Asia

We have the offices in Shanghai, Taipei and South-East Asia, having stable high-income customer as our own membership in China and selling organic cosmetics through salon/retail sales channel. We have our own store in high-class department stores in Taiwan, and regularly operates pop-up stores in SOGO/Mitsukoshi in Taiwan, distribute our products through Eslite/CitySuper, or selling our dedicated corner at drug store chains. We also have our dedicated sales space in organic super and sells organic foods/liquor which exports from Japan.


We join major exhibitions all over the world, such as BioFach(Germany), CosmoprofAsia(HongKong), Beauty Expo(Taiwan), in order to promote our handling brands to the market.

Our Handling Brands

We have good partnership the following top-leading brands (as just part of examples) as authorized distributor in each region.