We have developed a new company and team beyond
regions, which deliver niche & segmented service or
product in the market.



    Source in best natural cosmetics which would be suitable for each market & sale channels in each region. Operates
    own stories in Japan, Taiwan and Mainland China,
    supplying organic &
    natural products directly.

    Providing marketing solution to more than 100
    professional sport team in Japan, from football(soccer), basketball, baseball… to Sumo, all kind of sports team no matters small or big.

    Leveraging offshore IT resources in Asia, we offers high-quality IT or online business service, not only in Japan,
    also providing in the rest of Asia, such as Taiwan or Mainland China.

Business Chance


    Our activity is beyond Japan across Asia, reaching to each market with our multi-nationality colleagues.

    We are marketing specialists who knows market needs and demand in each regions or business area.

    Incubating niche business which will be expanded for future needs and demand across industry.

Business Investment

  • Merry-Go-Round inc.

    Merry-Go-Round inc.

    flagship store as modern luxury life-style concept store in Aoyama (Tokyo, Japan), selling natural cosmetics/fashion/food.
  • Sino-Japan Global Marketing

    Sino-Japan Global Marketing

    operating TV shopping business & retail business (cosmetic/food) as well as those marketing consulting.
  • nulo inc.

    nulo inc.

    developing application & EC platform in Cambodia for own service and other 3rd party companies.
  • COCON Corporation

    COCON Corporation

    A holding company which consist of more than several company in IT, Internet security, Graphics/Design, and AI technology.
  • クオンタムリープアジア株式会社

    A partner to Japanese companies wanting to expand in Asia

    With an understanding of your company’s strengths and the ability to match those strengths with the demands of the countries you want to expand into, our team of professionals will work together with you for a strong and secure entry into new markets.